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a different breed

At HatchTech Group, we’re just a bit different, ‘a different breed’. Not to be different, but to exceed every innovation we come up with the next day. Find out who we are, what we do, what it’s like to work for us and what vacancies we have. Take a look inside our beautiful company and meet our amazing team.

What kind of breed are you?

About HatchTech

Feeling at home at work. That includes a ‘work’place that makes your life enjoyable. Where working together is a breeze, and having fun is a daily occurrence. Our office is that place, our culture embodies it. At HatchTech Group, you are welcome.

Tell us your story

At HatchTech Group, it’s not only about your CV, it’s about you. Who you are, what you want, what you enjoy and what motivates you. For us, there’s no better way to find out than when you come and tell us about it. We’d love to invite you.

Behind the scenes

a drone-peek inside

Wow… Even if you work here you are heavily impressed by how beautiful our workplace is. #Feeling at home at work 🙂

Awesome Summer BBQ

What a huge turnout and lots of fun! It was a great success (again)!! On to the next HT event.

Colleagues give present to HatchTech

We have been looking forward to the new office for several years and the final result has exceeded all expectations. Everyone is extremely happy with this beautiful place where we can all work under one roof. We wanted to show this with a cool gift: An insect hotel in the shape of our logo.

Football tournament

Team HatchTech and team PLANTegg competed in DOVO’s 7×7 tournament. Team PLANTegg finished 4th and team HatchTech was pool winner. Team HT advanced to the semi-finals, we finished in a nice 3rd place (out of 35 teams). Very proud of the boys with achieving these results! 🏆

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What isn’t now can still come.

If you don't want to come for an interview right away but still want to stay informed, feel free to leave your details.