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Designing solutions to improve animal welfare. That is our daily driving force. An insatiable curiosity is ingrained in our genes. Improving chick quality during incubation, reducing stress in animals, and investigating the effect of feed and water on the immune system after hatching. We don’t shy away from fundamental scientific research.

Keeping scientific research reports on the shelf is not our style. Progress is achieved by applying scientific insights to practical and innovative solutions. Our research on gender identification has yielded significant results. From formulating hypotheses to painstakingly puncturing thousands of eggs in the late hours, we have developed an advanced machine using laser technology. This meaningful research prevents roosters from being killed as hatchlings. It fills us with pride to see the first Respeggt eggs on the shelves. Conducting valuable research requires maintaining a critical mindset, designing experiments, and thoroughly documenting processes, to enable comparisons and eliminate variables.

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Our team consists of curious pioneers with a positive mindset. We strive to understand everything in detail and share that knowledge with others. It is the balance between our scientific, critical attitude and our boundless enthusiasm that allows us to make a real impact. Impact on people, society and animal welfare. We aim to ensure that animals are born even healthier. For instance, through initiatives like HatchCare, where we reduce stress and stimulate the immune system.

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