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Making cutting-edge technologies applicable to the food industry. That’s where we excel, and that’s what we’re driven by. Starting from the most unconventional ideas, we explore all the environmental factors, use proven systems and discover new possibilities. Continuous development and improvement are engrained in our DNA.

There’s no handbook for the work we do. We are an idea farm, technological research centre, knowledge bank and innovation producer all in one. We eagerly explore the unknown and then make it our own. We succeed time and time again, with our top team and a top sport mentality. Like the application of robots and laser technology for automated sex determination. And using sophisticated laser patterns to accurately direct light to create an optimal growth climate in our vertical farming solution. We have acquired expertise in light spectra exactly for this purpose. Moreover, our collaboration with research is ideal. At HatchCare, where chicks receive feed and water inside the incubator, we have developed a ventilation system that perfectly caters to the needs of the chicks themselves. It is a testament to teamwork!

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Our team’s focus is on ambition, vision and motivation. We are not looking for classified resumes, but rather for individuals who dare to explore the unknown. Who, with intelligence and creativity, can turn raw ideas into applicable innovations. HatchTraveller is a prime example of this. Involving energy-efficient, refrigerated transport trailers for chicks, where fresh air is perfectly distributed, eliminating the need for noisy diesel generators. That is the application of technology for progress.

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