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Sales & Customer Care

The international playing field is our work domain, and the world of food is our home. It’s a world where we strive for the highest achievable results for our customers. Our insanely cool team maintains customer relationships and our innovative machinery. We analyse, advise, train, coach and provide top-level service and technical support.

We provide added value to our customers through high-quality, innovative machines and ground-breaking techniques, such as our incubators, chick transportation systems, or systems that can determine the gender of a chick during the incubation process. Ensuring that we can contribute to our customers’ growth in an animal-friendly, sustainable and effective way is something that warms our heart. Such a journey requires time and attention, from the first contact to ongoing (technical) support. Our Sales Team builds international customer relationships. Customer Care Support assists customers with the right products and contracts. Our experts in Training & Coaching travel the world to guide users. And our Care Technicians regularly check the machines and solve complex technical challenges. Together, we ensure that customers can continue to grow and innovate with us.

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What else you should know about sales and customer care

We do seriously good work, approach projects with a serious professional attitude, and we are a seriously sociable team. Everyone takes responsibility, to succeed together and create a good atmosphere. With colleagues, and with customers. You might even find yourself invited to a customer’s wedding or to a fantastic evening at the Friends of Amstel Live.

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